Reflections from the Beach

Yesterday was the first time in our 21 month history that we CANCELLED a Sunday Service.  It’s true.  Why?  We decided to show The Point how important we feel water baptism is.  About 60 people showed up for our 4th of July Baptism to see 8 people “Go Public” with their faith.  It was so amazing!!!

Why do we do our Baptisms in public places?  Because we feel that is what baptism is all about – a public confession of a personal decision.  I am so proud of Amy, Henry, Jennifer, Adeline, Craig, Eileen, CJ & Lucille.  What an amazing day!  So honored and humbled to see people take this step in their spiritual journey!

Several Cool Things:

  • We had a lifeguard assigned to us – Mike – he was awesome.  It was the 1st time he ever saw a Christian Baptism.
  • The lifeguard staff at Lido Beach was amazing – thanks guys for the rides!
  • We had our own designated zone for baptisms.
  • Our people were so jacked – cheering, applauding and going nuts before, after and during each baptism.
  • People from around the beach were watching and applauding too.  I think our attendance doubled!
  • We had so many opportunities to share Jesus with people on the beach who were asking us questions – I shared with 6 people personally.  I heard so many more stories.
  • Someone came up to me at the end of the day and said, “I am having way too much fun at this church.”  Love it!!!

I was wiped yesterday, but it was well worth it.  Church is not a building.  It is not something we “schedule.”  It is who we are!!!  Wherever we go, whatever we do WE ARE THE CHURCH!!!!

NEXT BAPTISM:  August 15th @ 2 pm (sign up

{Pictures to come soon}

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