Multi-Site Forum

I love being put in learning environments, especially unique ones.  It stretches you.  At least I know it stretches me!  I love what God is doing in the Assemblies of God – I love being part of a group of pastors/churches focused on reaching people with God’s love.

One of the coolest things a pastor can do is “bring people with him” into a learning environment!  One of my ministry mantra’s has become “don’t go if you go alone.”  These are opportunities to disciple and pour into potential ministers!  So glad we brought 7 critical people to this conference.  I am praying it changes their outlook.

So here’s some learning points so far:

  • “Raise up church planters for marketplace ministry (Terry Broadwater)
  • “Heavens motivation is that none perish” (Terry Broadwater)
  • “Lay foundations strong enough to bare the weight of growth” (George Wood)
  • “Reaching lost people is more important than structure.  Structure is still important” (George Wood)
  • “Growth doesn’t necessarily mean bringing in – it often means sending out” (Joel Hunter)
  • “Multi-site churches must have strong communicators – especially in the video venue” (Pete Wilson)
  • “I’d rather have 1 God idea than a 1,000 good ideas” (Mark Batterson)

1/2 day today should be amazing!  Can’t wait to learn from Gregg Surratt and Scott Hagan today!

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