"I will never ask …

someone to do what I am unwilling to do.”  This has been one of my ministry mantras since I first started in 1994.  I know a lot of leaders who know a lot, but don’t lead well.  Real leaders lead by example.  There’s a huge difference between unwilling and unable!  Yes, we do need to know our limitations!

My son, Malachi, asked me if he could put on deodorant yesterday.  Why?  I never told him he needed to.  He watched me do it every day for the 6 years of his life.  You will reproduce who you are!

People are watching us all the time.  Our family, our staff, our leadership and our friends are looking to us.  We must lead well and lead by example.  If you don’t want to do it – don’t delegate.  Delegation takes place when you can do it, but you see the potential and promise in someone else.

Practice Jesus Style Mentoring:

  • I’ll do it.
  • We’ll do it.
  • You do it.

It worked for Jesus.  I think it can work for us too.

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