Gideon – "mighty warrior"

I am really digging Judges.  It is a faith-filled read.  I love to see how God used everyday people for not-so-everyday purposes!

Gideon is one more of those kind of guys.  He found himself “threshing wheat” in order to provide for him and his family.  The winepress was usually a small pit, made out of rock or smoother out with a type of  plaster. In this pit, harvested grapes would be thrown in and trampled upon to squeeze out the grape juice used to make wine.

Threshing is the process by which kernels of grain from harvested cereals are separated to be made into flour.  Gideon was using the winepress to thresh the wheat.

God meets Gideon and says, “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.”  It wasn’t a questions it was God’s statement of fact.  The only problem is Gideon didn’t believe it.  He says, “Excuse me God, I think you have the wrong person.”  He says this a couple of times!

This is the starting point of any great leader.  Understanding that we are “mighty warriors” even when we don’t feel like it or know it yet simply because God is with us!

You are a “mighty warrior.”  Don’t make excuses.  Embrace the mystery of attempting great things for God!  Remember, God often uses ordinary people to do the not-so-ordinary!

Are you ordinary?  Then you are primed to be a mighty warrior!

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