Jephthah – "unlikely hero"

Posted by Todd Bishop on July 24, 2010 in Prayer

I am “slow-reading” Judges.  I love it.  Soaking in a ton of good stuff.  What is “slow-reading?”  It means that you are reading for content and quality – not coverage and quantity.

In Judges 11 we come across the Israelites sinning again – they “did evil in the Lord’s sight” – he gets angry with them and allows the Philistines to take control of them – but they repent again.  Seems like this is Israel’s MO – sin, repent, sin, repent, sin, repent.  You get the picture.

Jephthah, the Gileadite was a mighty warrior.  His father was Gilead: his mother was a prostitute.  Gilead’s wife also bore him sons, and when they were grown up, they drove Jephthah away.” (Judges 11:1-2).

Jephthah is drive from his home.  Then the Gileadites needed him.  A pretty lengthy back and forth takes place. “Will I really be your head,” Jephthah asks.  The elders all reply, “Yes.”  So he leads Israel for 6 years.

Here’s the thing: The most important lesson of this story is found in verse 1.  Jephthah was a mighty warrior!  It didn’t matter who his mother or father were.  His mother was a prostitute – this was an embarrassment to the family.  But still he was a mighty warrior!

Katherine, one of our staff members at The Point, has this quote she has tweeted, “my latter will be greater than my past.”  No matter where someone comes from God still can use them.  I am living proof of that truth!

Ryan Star wrote a song, Right now, these lyrics sum it up …

"Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow may not come.
I'm gonna run to the horizon,
We are strong,
We are young.
I'm gonna lay on the ground,
Feel the rain that's coming down.
And there's nothing anyone,
could do or say to bring me down."

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  1. Katherine Woitko says:

    WOW…. i got quoted in your blog…. i feel pretty cool! its totally my “life point” next week!

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