The alligator’s tail composes 40% of its entire body muscle mass.  It allows the ‘gator’ to accelerate rapidly in the water and to lunge from water to land to catch unsuspecting prey.  The tail is approximately half of its length.  The alligator stores its fat in its tail – this means that an alligator is healthy if the tail is fatter.

Okay, what does this mean?

When an alligator is in the water what is the one thing you don’t see?  It’s tail.  That’s right.  The alligator is waiting and prepping.

In ministry so much of what we do is unseen.  No one sees us praying and reading for personal growth.  No one catches us preparing for our teaching.  No one is usually there for staff meetings.  Few are there for budget meetings.  Few know what we do on late night phone calls or early morning counseling sessions.  The majority of what we do is unseen.

Health is found in the unseen tasks of ministry. If we fail to achieve greatness in the unseen we will never experience lasting greatness.  Never underestimate the power of doing the everyday tasks that no one will ever celebrate!

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