Samson – "the weak leader"

Most Christians know the story of Samson.  It is found in Judges 13-16.  He was a Nazarite that was dedicated to God from the womb.  His mother was commanded to “never let a razor touch his hair.”  Samson was extremely strong and the secret of his strength was found in his hair.

Samson gets involved with a prostitute and reveals his secret to this woman – Delilah (that would be warning sign #1).  She nags him so hard.  He is captured by the Philistines.  In the end, Samson kills a ton of Philistines.

But there’s a line in this passage about Samson that is often overlooked.  His strength is gone – “But he did not know that the Lord had left him” (Judges 16:20).  What a sad place to end up – a place where you don’t even realize God is no longer with you.

Christian/Leader/Pastor – never get so consumed with the routine of religion that you abandoned your Lord.  I have met some that do not even realize God is absent ……. until.  For Samson he realized it a bit too late.  He gets captured.

Something happened.  Samson prays.  Good place to start when you realize you are disconnected.  He prays, “Lord, remember me.  Please, God, strengthen me just once more.”

Feeling weak?  Pray!

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