Point Softball Character

I am so amazingly proud of The Point’s Softball Team.  Our managers, Nick & Lou, did an amazing job leading a 2nd year team to the Semi-Finals.  We were playing last years Champs, Farmingdale, to see who would make it to the Big Game.  In dramatic fashion we tied the game and brought it to EXTRA innings.  We lost the game.  Love playing Farmingdale – those guys have some great attitudes!

Why am I so proud of our team?

  • When we lost (even during the season) – we lost graciously.
  • When we won – we won graciously.
  • We never fought against our own team.
  • We kept our attitudes in check.
  • We never gave up or quit.
  • We became a group of friends.
  • We were consistent in church attendance – in season & off season.
  • We always looked good – at least Louis, Nick, Jeff, & Nick G did.
  • We represented Christ well.
  • We represented our faith well.
  • We represented our church well.

Our softball team is a GREAT group of guys who love God … love each other … and love to compete.  Thanks for letting me play a small part in this amazing season.

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