resilience // noun //
“the ability to recover or adjust easily to change or misfortune”

What stressors cause you the most strain?  Have you ever thought about that?  I have.  There are certain things that come into our lives that cause a lot of agitation – some more than others – but still they come!

A lot of Christians have low-resilience levels!  God doesn’t show up the way we told him to and we bail on that relationship.  The job promotion doesn’t come and we slowly fade in our spiritual disciplines.  We get sick and our personal time with guide regresses to all-time lows.  The Pastor doesn’t greet us and we start looking for another church.  The list could go on and on.

Whatever happened to commitment?

I have met, however, a lot of great Christians with high-resilience levels.  Nothing seems to rock their spiritual life (at least on the outside).  They are the ones who are always smiling.  They always have something positive to say.  They love God deeply and it shows.  Man, we could use more high-resilience Christians that NEVER quit.

How do you increase your resilience?

  • Stress – You are not going to like than one and neither do I, but the quickest way to increase your capacity is to test it.  The more things you have to face in life can typically make you stronger.
  • Prayer – focusing on God in every moment.
  • Consistency – don’t cave on the everyday basics.  This goes beyond routines.
  • Accountability – be honest with someone and let them be honest with you.
  • Focus – keep in mind that this life is temporary.  It is only a small part of our existence – keep your perspective on eternity.
  • Honesty – be honest about your feelings.  Face them and adjust.
  • Move forward – when you fail – accept responsibility (repent) and move forward.  Don’t get stuck.

God made us to endure.  Do you think about your resilience?

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