Jerry Rice: " My single regret"

One of my all-time sports heroes is Jerry Rice (San Francisco – #80).  He has recently been enshrined in the Pro-Football Hall of Fame and called the GOAT – “Greatest Of All Time.”  Pretty hard title to live up to.  But he holds every important pass-catching record as the game breaker in the San Francisco 49ers. Rice hit records that might never be broken.

Rice caught 1,549 passes, more than 400 beyond anyone else. He gained 22,895 yards, more than 7,600 ahead of second place. He scored 208 touchdowns, easily shattering the previous record. He made 10 All-Pro teams, was chosen for 13 Pro Bowls and had receptions in an almost-unimaginable 274 consecutive games.

He achieved what every little boy dreams of who wants to play football, but he had one regret.  “My single regret about my career is I never took the time to enjoy it,” he said. “I was always working.  What a sad commentary on one of the legends of pro sports.  To accomplish all that he had and to not enjoy it.

Leader, don’t live with regrets.  When God allows you to achieve some for of success in life and ministry – enjoy it!  Take time to celebrate with your family and time.  You can do great things and still be miserable.  I have been there.  In fact, I was working as a youth pastor seeing God do some pretty amazing things, but I always tried harderworked longer – and the ministry continued to grow, but internally I was stalled.

You see, you can look on the outside like everything is perfect, but some of us can cover up our faults, failures and insecurities pretty good.  At least I knew how to.  Don’t just train for the game or for your job or for ministry – train for LIFE.  And then enjoy it – don’t let the years fly by and have regrets.  Embrace life.

Enjoy the journey – whatever yours is!

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