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I love Westbury!  Our city is filled with amazing people!  As I continue to get to know more and more I embrace this place that God has called our family to!  This morning our Interns joined my Asst and myself with Kara Cook to serve breakfast bars to commuters heading into work!  We served about 200 people with breakfast bars and invite cards. We could have done more but ran out of breakfast bars – this won’t happen next week!!!

It is so cool to see how a smile and a free gift can put a smile on someone’s face.

Kara was giving out a breakfast bar and “you got served” card and the person asked, “If this was the same church that did the Easter Egg Hunt @ Eisenhower Park?”  Yep that was us.  We are saturating our community!  Our city will know!!!  I love that.  That is so amazing!

Okay … here’s the weird thing … after serving we went out to the Post Avenue Cafe for some breakfast.  We had a great conversation with the waitress.  She was chatting with Kara and it got very interesting.  So I asked her, “What do you think I do for a living?  I’ll give you three guesses.”

The sideshow begins ……..

Here’s her three guesses:

  • Counselor (close)
  • Not gay, because you are married (she saw the ring on my finger)
  • Stripper (whoa – this is way out there)

Needless to say, when we handed her the “You Got Served” Invite Card she said, “Oh no, you are not.”  I responded, “Yep I am a pastor.”  “You would probably be a cool pastor,” Natalia, our waitress, replied.  Gave her a GREAT tip and laughed together.  I think we will see her at The Point.

Here’s the point –> Find creative ways to share your story – to spread the Word – to demonstrate God’s love – to serve your city.  There are opportunities all around us – go after them!!!  Break the ice and let God use you.

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  1. Katherine Woitko says:

    If nothing else comes of today, getting up early the drama with the alarm system and other things the one positive we can without a doubt walk away from today with is… Natalia had an opportunity to meet some crazy people who love God and love people. She was worth missing sleep and rest for. I cannot wait to see the impact that God IS GOING to have on her life!

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