Sunday Recap

Wow.  Sunday can be an extremely long day at The Point.  It is exhausting, but well worth the effort and energy that everyone puts out.  Nick Osso rocked Servolution Part 2 by talking about “Finding the Needs” – 1. Ask  2.  Look  3.  Listen.  Pretty simple, but powerful.  Micki, Sebastian and Danny rocked worship – acoustic style!

Then we hustled off to our Pool Baptism.  25 people showed up.  1 got baptized.  Only 1?  Yep, but it is well worth it.  Water Baptism is never about the volume of people it is about the voice of a person screaming, “I Love Jesus.”  So privileged to baptize my friend, Jeff Owen.  Awesome!!!

The day started at 6:15 am and I landed home at 8:30 pm.  I came home and crashed hard.  Long day, but well worth the work.

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