I Just Got Served

Servolution has been amazing.  Our staff has been working our tails off serving the people of Westbury!  I have met so many new faces and I love it.  It is what I love doing!  Plus so many people from The Point have been finding creative ways to serve and we are hearing the stories.

Here’s one …

Someone this week got creative.  Eileen Alejandro approached the human resources department where she works and told them she would like to do a fundraiser for our Backpack outreach to the students of Park Avenue School.  The Chubb Insurance Company is throwing a “Jeans Day” – basically employees can wear jeans to work by simply donating $5 to our Backpack Outreach!  Wow.  That is amazing!  Love the vision of people from The Point!

Plus you get some Servolution perks along the way.  Some great friends served our family by buying us tickets to the Jonas Brothers Concert Sunday at Jones Beach.  Malachi’s first concert and he is pumped … I have to admit it, but so am I.

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