Church Lessons from the Jonas Brothers

Last night Mary and I took Malachi to his first concertThe Jonas Brothers – he absolutely loved it!  It was pouring the entire night, but Malachi stood for the whole concert in utter shock – he was so blown away by the whole thing.  I admit it – I enjoyed it to!  JB are great musicians and entertainers!

Here’s some thoughts I pulled away …

1.  Church must have a “wow” factor.
I was blown away by the lights, pyrotechnics and visuals – not to mention the music.  I asked myself, “When was the last time I was blown away by a church service?”  I have led a few and attended them – but they are not often enough!  Church should be entertaining – not entertainment.  Don’t confuse the two.

2.  Church should be done with excellence.
Everything we do should scream that we serve a God of excellence.  Too often we throw services and sermons together and never plan ahead.  Planning ahead allows us to do things better.

3. Fans are more committed than members.
8000 fans stood in the pouring rain for a 3 hour concert.  But all too often members show up infrequently and late for their church experience.  Enough said.  Our church members must be FANS of our church, not just attenders!

4.  Church services must be more of an experience.
Church has to be less of a spectator sport.  We watch from the stands.  Watching 8000 fans screaming, cheering and holding up signs for music made me think, “What if the church was like that?”  Thousands of people screaming their love for Christ and applauding him over and over again.  This past Sunday at The Point people applauded after every single song – I love seeing that excitement-passion for God!

5.  Church should leave people wanting more.
I don’t think people should ever be thrilled that a church service is over – I think we should leave people begging for more.  I have sat in 3 hour church services begging for the end.  Length of service/sermon does not indicate the Strength of a service/sermon.

God help us build attractive churches – not because we are shallow – but because we bleed the love and excellence of Jesus Christ in every detail of our life and ministry!!!

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