Even more lessons from the Jonas Brothers

The phenom has caught on. I can’t believe that the posts I have written about JB has drawn more readers than any post over the last 2 years.  Unbelievable.  Who would have thought that comparing the Jonas Brothers to Church would be so catchy.  Anyway … let’s continue.

Here are my final lessons …

1.  Never settle.
I love that JB was willing to take a risk.  They stepped out of the comfort of Wyckoff, NJ and landed a huge following across the nation.  Church – don’t settle.  Step up and do something HUGE for God.  Let’s fill some stadiums of worshippers of God.

2.  Honor your fans/members.
I have watched musicians for a lot of years.  Most that succeed will always honor their fans.  They will say things like, “We love you NY.”  That don’t mention anyone by name but identifying with their location goes a long way.  Honor the people in your church – staff, volunteers, members and attenders.

3.  Provide reminders of the experience.
I can them tokens.  They are “altars” that are built to remind people of the experience.  The altar was never about the location it was always about what God did!  JB gives out t-shirts, glow sticks, posters, pictures, calendars, bags and more.  Churches must place things in the hands of their people that remind them of their mission!

4.  Longevity matters.
I am not sure how long the average teen band lasts, but JB has been around for 5 years.  That seems long for a teen sensation.  But they are always writing music, performing & acting.  They are looking to last.  Pastor – bloom where you are planted.  Don’t wish or hope for something “greener” – outlast and watch how God causes the growth!

5.  Mission mobilizes.
JB gives to some amazing initiatives.  One of them is Convoy of Hope.  When things went down in Haiti Joe Jonas sent $30,000.  It also inspires others to give.  Nick Jonas has diabetes and helps raise awareness and funds.  When the church gives to missions it inspires the people to grow larger and make a more significant impact locally and globally.

6. Multiple Streams of Impact
Churches are typically one-dimensional – meaning that we typically focus on Sundays alone, but we must impact our communities 365.  Acts teaches us that every day the “Lord added to the church” – it grew every day.  God, give me that kind of church.  JB has music, tv shows, movies and more giving them a larger platform.  We must be creative and launch multiple streams of Kingdom Impact.

Okay. I promise. That’s the last “Lessons from Jonas” posts.  I guess you can officially call me a JOBRO.

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