More Lessons from the Jonas Brothers

I never thought I could learn so much from a band, but the more I apply what I saw at a concert to what I see in churches I get some pretty random thoughts.

So here’s a few more lessons:

1.  There is a disconnect between Sunday and the rest of the week.
It is crazy to think that a church could sing the same song for 1 year and people still need the lyrics on the screen in order to sing-a-long. That means that the music we sing is never making it out of our church services – people are not listening to the songs we sing in church in their homes or while driving the car.  We are majorly disconnected.  How do we bridge that gap?

2.  The church promotes too much.
Sitting at the Jonas Brothers concert they promoted one thing all night – it was ONE IDEA/CONCEPT – Camp Rock 2.  It is all every person who had a mic pumped and promoted.  Fans screaming every time the word “Camp Rock” was said.  Churches should narrow the focus too, by minimizing efforts and focusing on their vision and values.  Camp Rock 2 is coming out Sept 3.  How do I know that?  They repeated it 200 times.

3.  People will pay for things that move them.
Tithing the untouchable topic in the church today.  Why don’t people give?  I think there are a million reasons, but I can tell you that when people’s lives are changed by the presence of God they are compelled to.  I bought 2 pretzels and 2 drinks for $24 at the concert … ouch.  The average Christian gives less than 2% of their income to the church of their choice.  I am so glad God is not stingy with me!  Help me never to be too cheap for Him.

4. Life matters.  Talk about real life.
I have met a lot of people who have a lot of information.  They can break apart a verse of Scripture and say it in Hebrew/Greek, but they can’t make it relevant to life.   Jonas Brothers sing about dating/love/life – churches should talk about it.  Church cannot be only about information it must be about life transformation.  How does this relate to my life?  Where I am?

5.  Redeem Technology.
Churches are often catching up (at least ours is) with the latest.  Churches should be setting the pace and in the forefront of creativity.  We serve a creative God who desires for us to be creative. There are tools out there that have yet to be tapped.  We must use every form of media to get the most important message out – the message of God’s love!

6.  Passion starts on the stage.
The Jonas Brothers brought some big-time energy.  I love seeing Christian young man – raised in the church – successful.  They have a passion for each other, their music and their fans – and man it shows.  I guess the questions is, “Our we that passionate about our Christ, our churches and our people?”  Can people see it?  They must see our passion for God in everything that we say and do.  Passion starts with the leadership.  Worship should have passion.  Teaching should have passion.

You can learn in any environment.  So glad I went to the concert with Mary and Malachi.  I have some NEW, FRESH ideas that I am bringing to The Point because of it.

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