The word saturate has many different definitions – to soak, impregnate, to destroy (with bombs), or to target an area.  I love this one –  “to cause (a substance) to unite with the greatest possible amount of another substance, through solution, chemical combination, or the like.”  That’s what we believe God has called us to do at The Point – “to unite our community with the greatest amount of Christ possible.”  That is why we do mass saturation.

It is our mission as a church to saturate our city with God!  It’s that simple.  Repeated acts of service, marketing and other things can make our church recognizable in our city!

People remember good things.  As The Point continues to serve out city we will saturate it with the story of Christ’s love.

Are you saturating your friends, family & co-workers with the story of God?  Live a saturating life!

Ask God today to flood your life and heart with the passion to saturate your circle of influence.

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