Last Day

Can’t believe that it is September.  Unbelievable!  Today was our last day handing out breakfast bars for the summer.  Not gonna lie – I am a little disappointed!  Love meeting new people and demonstrating the love of Christ.

Today was so cool for the following reasons:

  • A gentleman said to me, “You are my favorite person.”  Serving makes a huge difference.  It is simply about making someone feel valued.
  • One of the cabbies told us, “Thanks for spending your mornings with us,” as we were walking away.  We gave them bfast every Thursday for the last 5 weeks!
  • Seeing people smile.  I love that feeling that you helped someone start the day off right!
  • Repeat Outreach.  People know us now.  Very cool.  Love the vibe that they give when they show appreciation for being served – with NO strings attached.
  • It starts my day off on a buzz.  I am always flying after we do an outreach.  No matter what it is!  I am flying high today.
  • We are following the Great Commission of GOING … not waiting for people to come to us.  That’s how Jesus did it.

Already thinking about some upgrades for next year!

What will The Point do next???  Hhhmmm … got some ideas!!!!

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