Staff Advance

On Monday we did our first ever Staff Advance Day at The Point.  Not a retreat, but an advance – “moving our church forward.”  We took a little field trip to The Veterans Memorial in Eisenhower Park – 8500 men and women have served this country from Nassau County.  It is such a peaceful place.

There is one monument erected to the “Four Immortal Chaplains” – On February 3, 1943 four chaplains handed out life-preservers when their ship was hit an enemy U-Boat fired a torpedo into the middle of the ship.  There were no life-preservers left for the 4 chaplains.  They gave their’s away so others could be saved.  They were arm in arm singing hymns as the ship sank.

I challenged our staff to be willing “to give our lives so that others can be saved.”  If 4 chaplains can offer life physically, then 4 pastors at The Point can offer life spiritually!

Our church is advancing!!!!!

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