10.10.10 – "Serve & Sit"

I can’t believe we are only 2 weeks away from 10.10.10.  The hype is building.  I am not sure if everyone knows what is taking place, but it is going to be amazing!  We are kicking off our “Relational Rehab” series that Sunday – after all, everyone needs a little rehab!  It is going to be a fun series – great opportunity to invite family and friends to experience The Point!

We need some help.  We are asking our volunteers to “serve” in one service and “sit” in the other on 10.10.10.  What does that mean?  If you serve at the 9:15 am – we would like you to sit in the 10:30 am or if you serve in the 10:30 am come and sit in the 9:15 am.  We are pushing this very hard.  A mass mailing to 2 mile radius of our theater.  Newspaper ads.  Personal invites.  This will allow BOTH services to feel FULL … making our guests feel VERY comfortable and the energy to be cranking.

This is an opportunity for our church and not an obligation.  You are not just volunteers – you are an expression of God’s love to everyone that walks in the theater doors!!!  Let’s break the 200 barrier on 10.10.10.

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