Leaders Lead

I know that is sounds too simple, but “leaders lead.”  It’s that simple.  I know that the American Church has adopted the democratic system of church – vote on this, establish a committee for that and don’t do anything without consensus.  But yet leaders often feel trapped by that process.  I believe that God has called leaders to lead.

Great example.  Jesus.  He led his team.  The team did not lead him or redirect his vision to “seek and save those that are lost.”  They embraced his mission.  Jesus didn’t take votes.  He trained, raised up and released His Disciples to do the work of ministry.  It was that simple.

Yes, there are leaders who abuse their leadership.

I remember as we were developing a Constitution for The Point I attempted to create a succession plan for the Lead Pastor, but it came down to a “vote” – had to.  I remember the suggestion that “people want to vote on who their pastor was.”  My response was, “Israel wanted a king.  How did that work out?”  Pretty quick, but not the best response.  Although I believe in what I said, just not the way I said it.

Did God’s people vote on Joshua after Moses died?  Nope.  Joshua was God’s Man for that moment in history.  No vote necessary.

I also have met a lot of pastors who hide behind their Board.  Yep.  “I have to talk to the Board.”  “I need to get their permission.”  Now I know there are times when we need advice and wisdom, but don’t hide behind the Board for decisions you are well-able to make.

So how should a leader lead?

  • With Character.
  • With Competency.
  • With Christ.

My prayer is that God would make me the leader he has called me to be.  A leader worth following.  A leader who laughs at life.  A leader who inspires a dream in peoples heart.

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