Lessons on Parenting/Ministry from Brian Houston

Here are some more learnings from Brian Houston, Pastor of Hillsong.  It was an amazing day of leadership.  I am still inspired and am applying many of the principles to my life & ministry.

Principles of Parenting:

  • Every child has their own free will.  Don’t judge a parent/pastor by their kids.
  • Be who you are in the pulpit and in private.
  • Kids have bigger memories than you.  Watch your behavior.
  • You will teach by who you are.
  • Don’t make your kids suffer in ministry – let them see the joy of service to God – keep them away from the pains of ministry.
  • Put your kids/spouse/family OVER the ministry.
  • Let your kids be kids.
  • Back the authorities of your kids.
  • Don’t put too much pressure or expectations on them.  Hard to live up to.
  • Non-negotiable – you live in my house and you will go to church.

Wow.  I loved this part of our time together.  Great wisdom from one of the great leaders in the Church.

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