I am a junkie.  It’s true.  To what you ask?  I am addicted to church growth and personal success.  Its hard to admit, but its true.  This addiction started a long time ago.  Way back in Bible college I was intrigued by the Book of Acts and how the early church was driven to expand its influence.  For the record, I am also addicted to technology and social media (not good).

Church Growth

  • I believe God designed the church for growth (Book of Acts)
  • Healthy churches should grow – spiritually, relationally, financially, missionally, etc.
  • The church grows as people grow.  You can’t grow the church w/o first growing people.

Personal Success

  • Success defined by me:  “living my full redemptive potential”
  • Each day is an opportunity to succeed with my calling.
  • Success to me is different than anyone else.

No one ever wants to talk about growth and success, but they drive me.  I am driven to see God’s Kingdom expand and for me to live my full redemptive potential.

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