Core Values #2

I have been going through my core values and determining what I truly value!  So far, I have given 7 core values.  Let me give you a few more of those driving forces in my life and ministry.

  • Prayer empowers our potential.  Communication with God is the key to life.  As a pastor I have to work as though everything depends on me BUT also pray as though everything depends on Him.
  • Missions and Outreach are the heartbeat of Jesus.  If we are not sharing our faith we are saying to those around us, “Go to Hell.”
  • Ministry is best done as a family.  God wants to use your family.  Don’t hide your spouse and kids from the ministry – include them.  They can enhance your ministry.
  • Be original.  Don’t replicate.  Embrace who God has made you to be.  Use your gifts and talents to bring honor to Him and His cause.
  • Integrity is more important than image.  Character gives us “favor” with both God and people.  Live a life that is worthy of Jesus’ name.

These drive me.


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