Honor is found in behavior

So take all the beliefs you have about Jesus … put them together and they will produce something — > Behavior!

Proverbs 3:9: “Honor the Lord with our wealth; with the best part of everything you produce.”

Because we believe the Bible is God’s Word and that Jesus is Lord … we will be good stewards of all that He has blessed us with.  Now if we are not practicing this principle of giving him the “best part of everything” we only have belief … that’s half honor – in order to bring full honor to Him my belief must become behavior.

“We are made to bring honor.”

Let me give you an example of failed honor.  Moses and Aaron lead the people of Israel out of Egypt … and into the wilderness.  They wander around for 40 years – this journey should have only taken around 11 days.

In the process Moses gets frustrated and Deuteronomy 32 tells us that Moses “failed to demonstrate God’s holiness to the people.”  The word “demonstrate” is behavioral – Moses did not act in a way that honored God!  What was the result?  Moses was not able to go to the Promised Land.  What kept him out of the Promised Land?  Dishonorable behavior!

Okay … lots of information … let’s shift.

How many of you want to experience the “Promised Land” of your life?  Yeah … every single person wants to achieve their full redemptive potential … we want to become all that God has designed us to be.

What will it take?  HONOR!

We have to bring honor to the name of Jesus … by how we act … by how we talk … by how we think … by what mode of entertainment we choose.  Everything we do must say, “I am made to honor.”

At home … we must Honor Him.

At work … we must bring Jesus Honor.

At school … we should show how much we honor God.

Wherever we are … our lives / our behavior must show HONOR to Jesus!

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