Honor is found in Belief

If you believe God’s Word is just that … God’s Word – without error and flawless!

And if you believe Jesus is who He said He was … then your belief systems are going to be founded and grounded in those two facts.

You see, value / honor … and just about every other choice we make … if found in these two basic beliefs!

For example, if you do not believe that God’s Word is flawless … then you can pick and choose certain things out of it … because you get to decide what is right or not.

But if you, like me, believe that God’s Word is perfect … then everything in it applies to me in some way … there is truth in every sentence and word.

So in order to honor Jesus we have to first believe that He is!!!

Jesus is … what?  I mean what do you believe about Jesus … too many people create their own opinions about Jesus … but our belief about Him has to be founded in God’s Word.

So to truly honor Him we must KNOW who He is.

Jesus is Lord.  Romans 10:9 teaches, “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

Two things in this passage you have to grab: (1) Jesus is Lord means that He dominates your life, decisions, beliefs and behavior and (2) There is that component of honor again, “believe” – to honor Jesus as Lord begins with BELIEF!

The way you HONOR Jesus will be framed by your beliefs about Him.

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