On Saturday night our family went to the Winter Wonderland in Bayville, NY (A little overpriced).  We started the night by eating at The Shipwreck – great ambiance and food – loved it!  There were only a few tables filled.  So we had a great meal and than enjoyed some ice-skating, a train ride, the fun house and some old-fashioned ice-cream.  Great day!

On Sunday morning we had several families visit our church.  My wife approaches one family and says, “Did you eat in a Bayville restaurant last night?”  You are not going to believe it but YES.  They were sitting right next to us.  Crazy?!?!?!  This young family came to our church from a yard-sign around Loews Raceway Theater.  They relocated from MO and have been looking for a church!!!  We all remembered each other … wow!

We ate one table away and then they show up at our church … UNBELIEVABLE!   Accident?  No way!

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