The Importance of a Getaway

I have found that pastors often feel “guilty” for taking a break or getting away! I guess it comes down to values! I used to feel guilty! I am a work-a-holic by nature – at least as a pastor – and I love my work. So why stop working?

1. Over-working can reveal a lack of trust in God. This is huge! For pastors we must remember “God builds his church.” Trust that God is going to deliver!

2. Ego can prevent time away! “Well, this staff member can’t do as well as I can!” You are right! And they never will without opportunities!

3. Not having a life out of church. Pastor/leader, get a life! Don’t always wear the Pastor hat. Let your hair down and just be a person! Enjoy Gods amazing creation. Spend time with your kids. Have some fun!

4. Your family needs you! It’s that simple. Most pastors will love other people so often that your family can feel neglected. By the way it doesn’t matter how often you say you love them – you have to show them!

5. You are killing your long-term mission. As a 3 year old church planter I recognized early that changing my schedule helps with my perspective – simply adjusting routine can help us solidify our mission/vision!

That’s why I am in Tennessee – to live out the above 5 principles. And man we are having a blast!!!

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