redemptive potential

I believe that there is nothing in your life that can restrict your potential – nothing that you experience or go through (good or bad) can stop you from accomplishing your full redemptive potential …. but you!

God wants you to live in your sweet spot.  In fact, He made you to live there.  He doesn’t want you to settle … he wants you to strive and work hard to become all that he made you to be.

You still have time to live your potential.  There is still time for you to do that thing that God has called you to.  You are never too old to live the full redemptive potential God has called you.

And you are not too young to start living your potential.  Young person, don’t just sit around watching routine happen … discover that thing God made you for and live it out with 150% of your energy.

Moses was called from Egypt – through Jethro’s house (his father in law) to become the leader of 1-2 million Israelites travelling through the wilderness.

Joseph called from his Fathers House through the pathway of prison to leader over Egypt.

The Israelites called from slavery through the wilderness to the promised land.

Samuel called from Eli’s servant through growing up in the presence of the Lord to become the priest for all of Israel.

Nehemiah called from Kings Cupbearer through rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem to raising up a group of priests and leaders to lead Jerusalem

Jeremiah called from a young man to be a prophet through confronting Israel and their sins he ends up in prison and then a cistern filled with mud … and a whole series of rejection to being God’s voice to Baruch, Egypt, the Philistines, Moab, Ammon, Edom, Damascus, Babylon and a number of other people or places.

What about Jesus’ disciples?

Matthew called from being a tax collector.

Luke called from the medical profession.

Peter & AndrewJames & John called from the family business – fishing.

They all went through the Ministry School of Jesus to leading the early followers of Christ and establishing the faith that many of us embrace here today.

I guess it all starts with what has God called you from … all of us sinners … some alcoholics … cheats … abusive … potty mouthed … religious … selfish … liars.

Others like me were called from one thing to another thing.  I wanted to be an Accountant … I took several advance courses in accounting during my Junior & Senior Year of High school.  But in the middle of my Senior Year I felt the call of God to do ministry.

In fact, I received the “Future Young Business Man of the Year” Award at the end of my Senior Year.  When they introduced me the announcement went something like this:  “It is our privilege to award Todd Bishop the ‘Future Young Business Man of The Year’ award … Todd will be attending Central Bible College in Springfield, MO to study —- theology … I guess that’s right.  Congratulations, Todd.”

You see, I had my plans.  But God’s potential for my life was much more powerful.

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