I Need Protection!!!

Pastors deal with a lot of stuff.  In fact, we probably hear some of the toughest stories out there.  In the nearly 3 years of being the Lead Pastor I have been challenged with tragedy, pain, death and more in ways I never consistently had as a Youth Pastor.  The truth is pastoring can be overwhelming, stressful and even depressing at times.  But it’s also the greatest joy when you see lives restored, miracles performed and sacred unions restored.  I joke around about not “being a good counselor” but I actually think I do a decent job.

Well, here’s a few suggestions to Counseling Protection:

  1. Don’t commit long-term.  If someone needs you long-term chances are this is beyond you.
  2. Don’t give directions.  Empower them with options and choices.
  3. Don’t overcrowd your counseling schedule.  Spread your appointments around.
  4. Don’t feel guilted/pressured to meet ASAP.  You have a schedule, other people to see and deadlines. (SIDE NOTE:  There are situations that need immediate attention – use your judgement).
  5. Don’t counsel a member of the opposite sex alone.  Protect yourself from any accusation.
  6. Shake it off.  Don’t carry the burdens, pains & hurts with you – that’s Jesus’ job!

I have always disliked counseling because I carried every hurt and pain with me.  I could not shake them off.  I loved the people and that put me in sometimes a challenging situation.  Today I am so committed to my Lord, my wife, my kids, my church that the best thing I can do is maintain boundaries to protect me!!!

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