Never Give Up!

Well, the Jets finished their season last night with a heartbreaking loss to the Steelers – 24-19.  One thing I have loved about the JETS is they never give up … they worked their tails off all season.  Yea, I am disappointed they didn’t win, but I love teams that have amazing persistence.  This year the JETS proved their guts – from Sanchez to Braylon to Bart to LT to Santonio to Revis to Pouha and my boy JERICHO COTCHERY – and everyone else on the team!

Your potential is linked to your persistence. In life we can never give up either.  We have to work hard, play hard and definitely pray hard!  Never quit on life, your dreams or your family/friends!

Here’s the key for everyday people (not the pros) – You can love football, but don’t live for it.  I am so glad that today I can wake up and “unleash my full redemptive potential” in Christ!

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