366 Days Ago

Its hard to believe how fast a year goes!  In fact, its almost impossible to fathom time – that’s why we need to make the most of every moment!  It was 366 days ago that I had to call 911 because my heart was racing, room was spinning and felt extreme nausea.  I never felt that way before – crazy.  It was a several month battle of feeling sick to panic attacks and constant anxiety.  I read Scriptures … prayed my guts out … but it was a pretty long process!

Here’s the deal.  I made it through.  That’s the key to any adversity we face.  We have to push through it.  We cannot let it beat us down or back.

I learned several lessons over the last year:

  • Trust God no matter what!
  • Focus your life on what matters most.
  • Love your family.
  • Live as though today is the 1st and last day of your life.
  • So many more …

I will never forget February 2, 2010.  Here’s what I wrote 1 hour before dialing 911 – Spiritual Buoyancy … I am so glad that God helped me through it.  I am so excited about 2011 – can’t wait to see how this year unfolds!  I have huge faith and belief that God will do something HUGE.

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