Talking Sex

I have been asked recently,  “Why is your church is doing a series called Sexy Church?”  Its a great question and a valid question.  The 1st level response is that the Church has been silent on sex for way too long.  In fact, we are the authority on the subject and have not used our voice!  If you believe that God authored human sexuality (like I do) then you have to conclude that only he can alter it.

Here’s my reasons why:

  1. The Bible is not silent on this issue of SEX.  God’s Word talks about everyday life issues.
  2. I am not going to be silent on this topic of SEX.  I have a responsibility to teach the Bible from cover to cover.  Even on subjects that I am uncomfortable teaching.
  3. I want to teach our church how to find answers on challenging topics.  Our beliefs have to be based on the Bible – its that simple.  We must search it out and believe it even when we may not like it.
  4. I want to force our church to get comfortably uncomfortable.  God never called us to live a full life of absolute comfort.  As you search the scriptures you find that the people who did the most were often in uncomfortable situations.

So we are talking sex because sex is a gift from God and it is spiritual!


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