Thoughts about Love …

Today is the day that is set aside on a calendar to “show that special someone” that you care.  But is that how it is supposed to be?  I mean think about it.  We will pay more than normal dinner prices … 25% markup on chocolate … and greeting cards that find their way to … uumm … I don’t know where!  Or should Valentine’s Day be carried out every day … showing love, respect, care and commitment all the time.

Love is more than an emotion.  Love is a decision and a commitment.  I think every great lover should celebrate V-Day every single day by doing the things that matter – it’s usually the not-so-dramatic things that make or break a relationship – so stick to the basics!  No one typically gets divorced because their hubby bought them the wrong chocolate on V-Day (which I have done) – but it usually takes place because the other 364 days were not filled with the same type of love.

Lovers, here’s my advice …

  • Check your love tanks often.  Are you running on empty or do you need a fill-up?
  • Focus on meeting the other persons needs before yours.
  • Celebrate love throughout the year – say, show it, mean it.
  • Remind yourself why you love them.  There may be days you don’t “feel” it so you have to look backward to move forward.
  • Make the decision to love completely from the heart.

I love this day because Mary and I celebrate it 365/24/7 … hopefully we don’t have to watch a Lifetime movie tonight … LOL.

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