3 Years of Reflections!

It is so hard to believe that The Point Church is now 3 years old.  Wow!  I still remember Mary and I praying about God’s direction for our lives!  Now, I can’t imagine myself doing anything but what I am doing today.  Someone recently told me, “You were born to plant.”  I would never have said that about me before, but now I am pretty confident that I am living my full redemptive potential.

I have learned a lot about myself over the last 3 years – so here you go:

  1. God has a plan.  It’s that simple.
  2. I couldn’t do what I do w/o my amazing wife, Mary.
  3. My family is the priority of my ministry.  I love spending 4-5 nights per week at home.
  4. People need hope >> infuse people with hope.
  5. Life has no guarantees.  Live in such a way that people see the SURETY we have in Christ.
  6. I have a long way to go in every area of my life.
  7. Be who you are >> Don’t replicate or duplicate!
  8. Sin sucks … the life out of our dreams, hopes and potential.  Purity is a pre-requisite to success.
  9. Change is inevitable.  Plan as though everything will eventually change.
  10. Everything is an experiment.
  11. You don’t have to have a big church to have big dreams.
  12. Be patient with God’s timing.
  13. Conflict is a part of life AND ministry.
  14. God grows ministry through growing people!
  15. Celebrate the “wins” of other churches and you will reach your dreams.
  16. Don’t hibernate – invest in relationships.
  17. Don’t just built your church, build the church!
  18. Shake of the negative things people say about you … and do it quick.
  19. Surround yourself with amazing leaders.
  20. Never give up.
  21. Stay true to your core values and dreams.
  22. “It is not by might or power, but by the Spirit of the Lord.”

22 bullets of learnings.  I could go on and on, but ultimately God has changed my life in drastic ways – for the better!  I can’t wait to see what God does in the next 3 years … and maybe even 30!

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