I have been praying for months now about expansion – building expansion & church expansion.  I love how God reminds you of a Scripture from your past readings to validate your prayers.

“He {Jabez} was the one who prayed to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and expand my territory! Please be with me in all that I do, and keep me from all trouble and pain!” And God granted him his request” (1 Chronicles 4:10).

Awesome prayer!  There were 4 requests in Jabez prayer:

  1. Bless me – I am blessed to be a blessing to those around me.
  2. Expand me – I am growing to grow your church.
  3. Be with me – I am never alone.
  4. Keep me – I am in peace when I am near God.

Almost sounds selfish, right?  Not really.  If it was totally selfish then why did God answer this prayer?  “God opposes the proud.”  Could it be that God placed in Jabez heart WHAT to pray and WHY to pray it.  I think so.  I believe when we live out our potential – people on the outside may cry, “selfish” – but our Lord cries, “my purpose.”

Today I am praying that “God would bless me, expand me, be with me and keep me.”  The truth is He already has.  But now I am praying with more tenacity and passion because God is NOT done with me yet!

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