Dream Long

A few weeks ago Mark Batterson challenged 100 pastors leaders from the NY Metro area to “dream long.”  What a concept!  Most people dream dig, but it is quick big.  The truth is dreaming long is easier because the pressure is lifted.  I am committed to pastoring The Point Church for the rest of my ministry.

Divine visions/dreams/goals will always shake up the status quo.  What am I shaking up?  The reality is that I can only make an impact when I dream long.  A short-term dream will never satisfy the desire in our hearts to do big things for God, but when we are dreaming long we can see beyond today to the next 10 or 20 years.

Your greatest potential is linked to dreaming long-term!

I dream of the day when The Point will create 10 or 20 faith communities across Long Island!

I dream of the day when The Point is giving millions of dollars to missions per year.

I dream of the day when The Point will establish a Church Planting ministry experience/school.

Those 3 dreams require dreaming long (and that’s only 3).

How about you???

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