One Network, Multiple Opportunities

From the moment Mary and I started The Point Church we had hoped to become a “church that launches churches.”  Today that dream is coming to life!  Yesterday, Gateway Life Center in Babylon voted unanimously to allow The Point to assume leadership and re-launch a life-giving church in that village.

Within a 1.5 miles radius of the church building there are just under 33,000 people and 40% have no attachment to a faith community. This is a harvest opportunity! But we cannot do this alone! It will require some Kingdom partnerships!

There are several things that need to be addressed immediately. The biggest concern we have is the building itself. It is in need of some major work. The front stairs into the church are crumbling. The roof is looking. The plumbing is not installed correctly and is causing backup. Not to mention the many other challenges.

I am praying for a miracle in Babylon. In fact, I have been praying Isaiah 49 over this church: “restore the land … reassign its desolate inheritances … to say to the captives, ‘come out’ … to those in darkness, ‘be free.’”

The Point Church will be “one network, multiple opportunities.”  Not one church – because there is only ONE church and we are a small part of it.  But a collective group of churches creating one network providing several services and locations across Long Island!

Here we go … the vision grows!  Do you want to join this life-giving network?

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