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I know there is a lof of stuff going around about May 21, 2011. This date was set by Harold Camping who said the same thing back in Sept 1994. He was wrong then and he is wrong now.  But his lunacy continues …

The Bible says, “But of that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone” (Matt. 13:32). Only God knows when the end will come!  So either Camping is God (which I REALLY don’t believe) or He is a lunatic (which I REALLY do believe).

I also heard about the 2012 Mayan predictions, but everything that I believe is based on GODS WORD and not on what some person says or wall art shows (especially someone who predicted it before based on the same mathematical system but concluded a different date – pretty convenient) – its all total bogus.

BUT … I think in seasons like this we have to look at our spiritual life and ask ourselves the question, “If Saturday was the day would I be ready to meet Jesus? Is my life right with God?”

The one guarantee that I can give you is this – Jesus loves you and wants you to have a strong, growing, consistent relationship with Him. So don’t get stressed … look within your heart and evaluate your life/heart. The Bible tells us that Jesus will return like a “thief in the night” (2 Pt 3:10) – no one knows when – so we have to be ready at all times.

I like what George O Wood said, “On May 22, Harold Camping should apologize to the entire Christian community for disgracing the cause of Christ by his false prophecy.”

My prayer is that this would drive us all closer to Jesus!!!

False teachings of Harold Camping:

  1. Harold Camping proclaimed the Lord’s return would be in 1994
  2. Harold Camping now proclaims the Lord’s return will be in October, 20, 2011
  3. Harold Camping (Family Radio) has aired Mormon advertisements
  4. Harold Camping taught that NO ONE was saved between 1988 through 1994
  5. Harold Camping teaches that the church age ended in 1994
  6. Harold Camping teaches that the Holy Spirit is NO LONGER working in the church
  7. Harold Camping teaches that EVERY church in the world is apostate /source

Is this the leader we want to listen to?  7 statements – 7 lies!

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