So let me share with you the kind of HOUSE we believe God wants at Point Church!!!

1.  A HOUSE that grows!

Acts 2 tells us that the early church DEVOTED themselves to learn and grow!

Spiritual growth does not happen in a day it happens daily.  It’s in the routines of our lives … I want to see a HOUSE that is devoted to growing closer to Jesus in every area of our lives.

Let me give you the SPIRITUAL STOOL – I believe that our spiritual growth is like a table with 4 legs.  Take away 1 leg and the table collapses … but when all 4 are even and balanced the table is stable and strong …

  •       Leg #1 – Prayer
  •       Leg #2 – Bible Reading
  •       Leg #3 – Christian Community
  •       Leg #4 – Tithing

This HOUSE has to be a balanced HOUSE … my goal is that every person strengthens their legs!

2.  A HOUSE that loves!

There are a couple thoughts that we can grab out of the passage we read in Acts.

First, we see that the first church was committed to hanging out … they spent time together!

The truth is they were together every single day!

Second, the first church provided for each other.  They often sold their possessions to provide for the lacks of someone else in the church.

Wow!  My have things changed!

I want this HOUSE to care so deeply for one another that we are willing to do anything for the people of THIS HOUSE!

Who wants to be part of that kind of HOUSE?

Anthony D’Angelo:  “Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”

Point, let’s fill this HOUSE with love!!!

3. A HOUSE that prays!

My deepest desire is that this HOUSE is a HOUSE that knows how to PRAY!

That prays with power and passion … believing that God is able.

Jesus said in Mark 11: “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” Jesus wanted his HOUSE to be a praying HOUSE.

Point, let’s rock this one … God wants us to pray … so lets just do it!

Ghandi:  “Prayer is not an old woman’s idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action.”

4.  A HOUSE that believes!

Listen again to Acts 2: “43Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles.”

Let me ask you a question:  Do you believe God can do anything?

Then why do we only believe for the small stuff – and we still struggle with that!

I believe we ought to pray some BHAPs … BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS PRAYERS!!!

The Bible says that EVERYONE was in awe of the HOUSE!

C’mon church … I want this HOUSE and what we believe God wants to do in and through us BLOW the minds of everyone!

Why were the people in AWE?  It had nothing to do with lighting, media, music or sound systems – all of which are awesome – but the people in the community were in AWE because miracles were taking place!

I want this HOUSE to be filled with Jesus loving, devil stomping, fire-breathing, wild kind of Christians – that believe!  Let’s believe!!!

5.  A HOUSE that worships!

We have to become passionate about our praise!  When people walk into our church I want them to know we are radically in love with Jesus and we are not afraid to show it!

I want this HOUSE to know how to sing!

I want this HOUSE to know how to shout!

I want this HOUSE to know how to raise its hands!

I want this HOUSE to know how to dance!

I want this HOUSE to know how to be still!

Why?  Because God has been good to us!  In this HOUSE, in this moment, we are making a decision to WORSHIP like never before!!!

Why do we worship Him?

  • Because Jesus can’t be stoned – because he is the chief cornerstone!
  • He can’t be drown – because Jesus is the great sea walker.
  • He can’t be burned – because he is the 4th man in the fire of our lives!

This is Jesus!  And He is here in this HOUSE!!!

6.  A HOUSE that explodes!

Let’s shift back to Acts 2 again:  “47 And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.”

The early church exploded with growth!

Listen to the growth of the 1st House:

  • 120 = Acts 1:15
  • 3120 = Acts 2:41
  • “added” Every day (at least 365) = Acts 2:47
  • 15,000 = Acts 4:4
  • Everyone knows = Acts 4:16
  • More & More – Acts 5:14
  • All know teaching = Acts 5:28
  • “multiplied” Growth = Acts 6:1
  • Tens of Thousands = Acts 21:20

It is estimated that 25 years after the first 120 the first church grew to over 60,000 people (GC Campbell).

Explosive growth!  And growth is a sign of health!

The first HOUSE mastered spiritual growth, mastered love, mastered prayer, mastered belief, and mastered worship!

What was the result?  An explosion of growth!

THE HOUSE will change Long Island!!!

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