Character Matters!

There is one thing that I have always worked hard at preserving and it is my integrity.  Its a hard thing to build but an easy thing to lose.  I know that lots of people – no matter their field/occupation – suffer from a character deficiency.  A deficiency is a lack of ____________________.  You can be deficient in anything, but our character should be the strength of who we are.  It should be the number one thing that defines us – not our income or job or status.

Thoughts on character:

  1. Character is who you are when no one is watching.
  2. Conflict reveals your character.
  3. Competition reveals your character.
  4. Character can be earned and learned.
  5. Our character level is a reflection of our spiritual stamina.
  6. The lower the character the lower your potential.
  7. The higher your character the higher your potential.
  8. Character is best found in Jesus Christ and modeling his life.

One of the greatest compliments I have ever had was from my former boss and friend – Pastor Steve Milazzo.  He always applauded my “character and creativity.”  I treasure them and protect them!!!

Ephesians 5:13:  “Light exposes the true character of everything” (GWT).

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