1 More Sunday in a Theater

We have 1 more Sunday in a movie theater.  It is crazy to think that 3 1/2 yrs have passed since we launched POINT CHURCH.  Our home has been Loews Raceway Theater for that time.  But it is time to move.  Next Sunday we will celebrate our last service at the movies before we move into our new space in Hicksville.

So what am I going to miss? (not really, but shared these this morning!):

  • The smell of popcorn every Sunday morning.  We may have to bring that with us.
  • Dirty floors.
  • I will miss movies starting during the most critical part of the message – interrupting the messages.
  • Overflowing toilets and nasty restrooms.
  • Food in between the seats from the night before.
  • Gum on the bottom of my shoes.
  • The mice … yes, it’s true we have a church mouse … well, really we have a choir of mice … just saying.
  • Set-Up and Tear-Down each Sunday.  Man, it has been a lot of work.
  • Complaints from crazy, lunatic, mature, did I say NUTS people from the theater next door that the music is too loud.
  • Inappropriate advertisements that we have to turn around before anyone gets to our church lobby.
  • I will miss our church lobby – why?  It is one of the few in the nation to have its own video arcade.
  • One of the previous managers who would view porn in the Guest Relations booth.  It’s true … but I won’t miss it.
  • The people who take the free mug … but they never came to church … they were on their way to a movie.

Even with all that … I will miss being a Theater Church and I will miss Loews Raceway 10 (they have been awesome to us).  Being a theater church has changed our family.  We walk into our every theater wherever we are and we see a CHURCH!

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