103.  Yes that is a high temperature that we reached this week, but it is also the amount of hours that several of our staff worked during our outreaches.  103 hours multiplied by several people.  Wow!  Why?  Because we love what we are called to do.  But ………… we have to make up for it this week with several days off.  But is was worth the effort.

Babylon Bash
Big success at Babylon Campus.  Over 50 children came to our outreaches for the first time.  Not including their parents.  And we had 10+ children start a relationship with Jesus.  That’s HUGE!  It is impossible to count the contacts that we had through flyer distribution, car tagging and personal conversations.

Hicksville Street Fair
This year we decided to co-sponsor the Street Fair with several other organizations near our Hicksville Campus.  Thousands of people showed up to see the 100+ street vendors and listen to the music.  The Point was giving away frisbees, candy, and had a drawing for a FREE Ipod Touch.  It was so awesome to see 75 or more people gather around our table waiting to see if their # was called to win.

We connected with 191 people who gave us their name and contact information.  Plus we were able to meet many other members of the chamber of commerce and local politicians.  It was a great day!!!

Why invest into our cities?  Jeremiah 29:7:  “… if the city prospers you too will prosper.”  We exist to bless our cities.  The potential of impacting Babylon and Hicksville are big … can’t wait to see what the fall brings!!!

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