Lots of amazing changes taking place at The Point Church.  Over the last 3 months we have moved into a new location for our main campus (Hicksville) and have launched a 2nd site (Babylon).  Lots of changes!  Our church is literally being built brick by brick.

The Babylon Campus has been fully renovated in the auditorium and partial in the basement.  Plus we are re-constructing the main entrance into the building  We have dropped a lot of cash INTO the building so we can get people IN the building.

The Hicksville Campus is in much better shape, but we have an action plan in place for 2012.

But in the renovation process I feel like I am being built too.  God has been doing some things in my spiritual life that are stirring me for whats next … next location?  next series?  next outreach?  next everything.

Do you remember the phrase, “Built Ford Tough?”  I think this process for me is more like “Built Jesus Tough.”  More than buildings I am being built!

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