I believe I suffer from forgetavitis. I forget so many things – appts, emails, people and so much more. It gets me in trouble sometimes, but it liberates me at other moments. I don’t often retain what others have done to me (at times I forget what someone tells me in a matter of moments). But my forgetavitis has become a gift.

Especially as a pastor – I want to forget some things that people share with me in confidence or say about our church or do to someone else in our church.  Being forgetful I always thought was a negative in the spiritual armor, but today I look at my forgetavitis much differently – it is a gift in many circumstances or situations.

The church is called to forgetavitis. “Forgetting what is behind I strain toward what is ahead” (Phil 3:13).  If you can’t forget you can’t forge ahead.  But we want to remember.  We want to put everything in the file cabinet of our minds – we hold on to hurts, bitterness, pains and sins.  But Christ followers are called to FORGET!

Where do you need a dose of forgetavitis?

  • With a past hurt
  • A friendship
  • An unresolved marriage issue
  • Employer abuse
  • Past addictions

The list could go on and on.  Ask God to bless you with forgetavitis today!!!

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