Rethink. Retool. Recast.

Church planting is every changing.  What works in one city/location may not work in another.  And the progress of one church can’t really be compared to another.  All churches mature at a different rate.  Some have similar systems but none are identical.  I am discovering that at our Babylon Campus.

I am currently rethinking how to do church.  Crazy, right?  But I can get caught in the “this is how we do church” mindset very easily.  But I am asking God to help me build HIS church, not mine!

I am looking at our systems, style and programs to adjust.  Some things I believe we don’t have to adjust, but many other things have to be tweaked in order to progress forward.

It’s time to recast the vision.  To get people to buy in to what we want to do and what we see.  “Vision Leaks.”  So we have to plug the holes by casting the vision all the time.

But isn’t all this part of leadership?  Looking, correcting and moving forward.  Yes.  Leading in an every changing culture means that our leadership style may have to adjust over time.

What areas of your life and ministry do you need to rethink, retool or recast?

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