We Love Our Church!

Yesterday we had 3 amazing services at The Point – Hicksville and Babylon were both rocking!  Great attendances for such a miserable weather day.  We had several decisions for Jesus too (this makes it all worth it).  Plus we had a lot of first time guests.  Our services were filled with God’s presence … BIG time!!!

But our church surprised us yesterday with a 10-Year Anniversary Trip.  Very few times in my life am I ever held speechless.  This was one of them.  Totally blown away by the generosity of the greatest church ever!  Mary and I love our church so much!!!

Why do we love our church?

  1. People are finding Jesus nearly every week.
  2. Lives are being changed.
  3. Community is being created.
  4. We are making an impact in our cities.
  5. There is truly LOVE in our house.
  6. Our church always steps up to a challenge.
  7. We embrace the mission God has given us.
  8. The Point does not replicate.
  9. We are not in competition with anyone.
  10. Excellence is deep in our DNA.
  11. Leaders are being raised up!
  12. Marriages are being restored.
  13. Young Adults are growing.
  14. Children’s Ministry is cranking w/ creativity.
  15. Point Youth coming soon.

We could go on and on.  Mary and I count it as our greatest honor serving this church!!!

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