Influence beyond DOB & DOD

Your influence cannot solely be determined by your lifespan on earth.

Jesus died around 33-40AD.  That’s nearly 2000 years ago.  Look at the impact of one … the following of Jesus has grown to over 2.1 billion people living today … that doesn’t include all those who have followed Jesus and no longer are living.

Jesus life ended with be crucified by those he came to save … doesn’t seem so amazing! But Jesus understood that his life mission was well beyond the scope of this life!!!  Jesus had a long-term vision of influence for his life.  He did not look at the cross as the end … he looked to the crown he would receive when he re-arrived back in Heaven.

Your life has influence and impact far beyond the years your exist on earth!

My grandmother was a follower of Jesus.  She made the commitment to pay for my college education and her other grandkids if they attended bible college.

So I graduated from bible college with ZERO debt.  If I had debt I would never have been able to take my first pastorate … and that 9 month position opened me up to my second … 4 1/2 years later I wound up on Long Island as I youth pastor where I served for 8 1/2 years.  Serving for those 8+ years gave me a heart for Long Island … and that’s why Mary and I determined to plant this church … because we love the people here!

My grandmother never preached a sermon herself – but her legacy of giving has influenced all those I come in contact with.

Her influence has lasted so much longer than her lifespan!  Make a difference today and for the future!!!

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