Surviving Storms

I have faced a lot of life’s storms.  But storms are fun when they don’t affect you … but when they do look out.  Frustration builds and obstacles increase!  I was digging Hurricane Irene UNTIL we lost power.  It affected us.  I hate being powerless – most of us live via media, technology, etc – and I hate losing food!!!  But we are all safe – that’s the most important.

Storms will rage in life.  It is inevitable.  But the true test of our lives is not contained in the storm – it is contained in how we respond to the storm.

Three ways to survive life’s storms:

  1. Be prepared.  Get yourself ready far before you ever face a storm.
  2. Stay focused. Keep your eyes on what matters most – your family and friends – not possessions!
  3. Remain dependent.  Trust God in all situations.  Depend on him.

Storms will rage.  But you can have peace in the middle of it all!!!

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