I am so proud!

Sounds like a crazy title to a post, but I feel so proud today of the young men that God has placed around me.  Young men that are determined to make an impact larger than their abilities!

Yesterday, Nick Osso, our Associate Pastor at The Point brought one of his best teachings ever.  I got a little choked up during the service – to see how Nick has grown is amazing!  I am so blessed to play a small part in his spiritual growth over the last several years!  I am so proud!

Josh Sepulveda, our Campus Pastor in Babylon, led his first service with no assistance and I heard great reports.  Plus we had several guests show up.  It is so amazing to see a young man take a leap of faith with his new bride to experience church planting.  I am so proud!

David Bellomo, our Worship Leader, has grown so much in leading a team.  David is truly a gift to our church.  He has assembled and attracted a stellar team of musicians that lead worship with passion and the presence of God.  I am so proud!

There are so many other young men that I am so proud of … _______________________ (fill in the blank) … I could go on and on, but I don’t want to overlook anyone … too many men that have impacted my life and ministry.

I am so proud … not of anything that I have done … but what God is doing in and thru these world changers!!!

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